Reflections, conversations and connections towards meaningful living.

Some know exactly what their life is for – maybe it’s to find love, to raise children, to be creative, to serve God or spirituality, to keep their head above water, to make as much money as possible, or some combination of these.

But many of us still find ourselves asking “What is my life for? What am I about? What is my purpose?”
Or related questions: “How do I find or create meaning? What really matters to me? What activity or direction should I pursue? What is most worth doing?”

Meaningful Living, this site and the book series, addresses these and other related questions that are central to real life. We don’t pretend to have all the answers. Yet, our aim is not merely to raise questions without bringing thoughtfulness to them.

When successful, our insights should point in a direction that is pertinent for you. The big questions above are intimately personal; questions that every individual must raise and answer as far as possible for oneself. Paradoxically, it is often connection, relationship, dialogue and interaction that helps most in the pursuit of personal answers – as forty years of psychotherapy practice has shown me.

This is what we’re here for. To open up the questions. To crystalise personal answers in the process. And to reach toward meaningful living. That is, a ‘life worth living’.


We work in a small scale way yet not without an awareness of the wider global community. We hope and expect that to make a lasting positive difference to the life of one person – even in a detail of their self or life – potentially ripples out to touch their significant others, and theirs and so on. Those benefits, however subtle, may reach across the geographic boundaries in the fullness of time.

Jan Resnick, PhD, is an internationally respected Psychotherapist and couple’s counsellor whose work has spanned four decades, three continents, and has helped hundreds of people connect to what matters most: each other.

From embracing new cultures across three different continents, to engaging in a full-blown love affair with the arts, Jan Resnick, PhD, is passionate about, well, passion. He champions it, celebrates it and, during the past forty years, he’s helped hundreds of people reconnect with their own.

The Founding President of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors’ Association of Western Australia; founding Director of The Churchill Clinic, a nationally recognised and accredited training organisation; and long-standing member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for the national journal Psychotherapy in Australia, Jan believes in the accessibility of information and support. He currently resides in Perth, Western Australia.