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It’s difficult to answer the question: "who am I?". But perhaps this goes some way toward a sense of what is important to me.I was born and grew up in New York, then at 21 years old I moved to Europe.I have been fortunate to travel a good deal and perhaps uniquely lived a third of my life in the US, another third in Europe and the past third or more now in Australia – which has taught me much about these different cultures. Happily married, my wife Cath and I share 6 children and 2 grandchildren.I have been involved in the study and practice of psychotherapy, specifically phenomenology and psychoanalysis, since my uni days, for over 40 years now. Before that, I studied philosophy, psychology and music at university in the 70s; these subjects have always remained a passion. I have an on-going love affair with the arts including painting, sculpture, music (various genres), theatre and dance for my entire adult life. I have played piano on and off over the years and one of my greatest regrets is not to have had more time for it. I have also played sport for most of my life until 1998 when injury curtailed this activity, but I can play AFL football vicariously.I have made my personal relationships a priority and feel so grateful for my kids, and theirs, plus my friends, past lovers and longer-term partners, specifically for the opportunity to love and be loved which has made life most worth living. No doubt this have much to do with why my first published book, How Two Love, is on the theme of love and relationship.Lastly, my role as father is perhaps the most important of all. Being a parent has been the greatest challenge and most profoundly rewarding role of my adult life. I am blessed with having six awesome kids, which has enriched my life immeasurably, more than I can say. The experience of raising them has also ‘raised’ me as a Dad and as a person. I can only hope they have benefitted at least a fraction as much from me as I have from them.

Book Launch | How Two Love: Making your relationship work and last.

The launch of a truly wise book on Love Amygdala Publishing is proud to present the launch of  How Two Love; Making your relationship work and last, the first book from the Meaningful Living Series by internationally ...

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5 Reasons why sex drops off in long term relationships

And what you can do to get it back. 1.The desire for sex is raised verbally. It’s simply not sexy to ask for it. Because we become familiar over time, it is easy to fall ...

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Is unconditional love the lie we tell ourselves?

How much should be accepted in the name of love? Despite Popular Opinion, love is not unconditional. And even if it is for you, a relationship is not unconditional. Here’s why… Let’s say you fall ...

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Can true love be found through an algorithm?

Algorithms are now acknowledged as having a serious edge over human expertise in forecasting the outcomes of a whole range of activities. An algorithm is a formula that consists of a set of instructions for ...

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Are we slaves of our desires?

  We live in a constructed world built with ideologies that permeate everything right down to our very selves. Economically, socially, politically, and professionally, we are the rope in a tug-of-war between the interests of ...

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Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

Here’s your chance to ask Jan anything! Join us for our ‘AMA’ Sunday 12th March 2017, 12.00 noon, Australian Western Standard Time. What is an AMA?  Well it is basically an online interview, where you can ask ...

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Sex in the city: the flirt, the fun … and the fall out

  Why are you looking at websites for extra-marital affairs? asks my wife with a touch of scandal in her voice. Research! is my feeble response, for my next published article - really! It's worse ...

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Ask Me Anything! (AMA)

Here's your chance to ask Jan anything! Join us for our first 'AMA' Saturday February 11th 2017, at 4.30pm Australian Western Standard Time. What is an AMA?  Well it is basically an online interview, where you ...

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