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Book: HOW Two LOVE: Making your relationship work and last, and
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HOW Two LOVE: Making your relationship work and last.

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Series:Meaningful Living Series
Author:Dr Jan Resnick PhD
Genre:Self Improvement
Keywords:Love, self-improvement, self-help, romance, relationships, counseling, therapy, marriage, couples, family, adulting.
Page length:316 pages
Publisher:Amygdala Publishing
Product Dimensions:6.1 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches


A truly wise book on love…

“Information is plentiful and cheap these days, but wisdom is rare and priceless. Jan Resnick has written a truly wise book on love. Instead of the glib slogans of self-help gurus or the charmless findings of happiness researchers, he offers profound, modest, witty and useful reflections on the mystery that is love. Only someone with years of experience helping couples in all stages of being together and coming apart could have written a work of this depth and complexity. I recommend it to anyone who has ever been in love, wanted to be in love, lost a love, or suffered for love.”

Nancy McWilliams, PhD, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Author
A thrilling and thought provoking plunge…

“Jan Resnick’s How Two Love is a joy to read. Both pertinent in topic and highly accessible in style, it rewards its readers with themes and ideas – and very vivid vignettes – that create an immediate sense of recognition and connection while at the same time provoking intriguingly novel perspectives. A thrilling and thought-provoking plunge into the mysteries and possibilities of co-sexuality.”

Professor Ernesto Spinelli, PhD, Director of ES Associates, London, Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Existential Psychotherapist and Author.
The book that now in my sixties I wish I had read in my twenties, or earlier….

“Jan Resnick has written the book that now in my sixties I wish I had read in my twenties, or earlier, if I could then have sat still long enough to learn from his life and his career. Pick up this book, sit down, read it, and talk with Jan about your life. You’ll enjoy the conversation!”

Richard A. Chefetz, MD., Psychiatrist in Washington, D.C., Past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (2002-3), and Author.

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About the Author

Jan Resnick, PhD, is an internationally respected Psychotherapist and couple’s counsellor whose work has spanned four decades, three continents, and has helped hundreds of people connect to what matters most: each other.

The Founding President of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors’ Association of Western Australia; founding Director of The Churchill Clinic, a nationally recognised and accredited training organisation; and long-standing member of the Editorial Advisory Panel for the national journal Psychotherapy in Australia, Jan believes in the accessibility of information and support. Jan currently resides in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife Cath and six children.

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